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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

One thing I have never done, and should (I'm not one for promoting myself very well), is show case and give examples of the varied media work that Skyfast Media has carried out.

To kick off the 1st case study, Skyfast Media's support to other media/film/video/website companies.

As with a lot of video/film and media companies that have already invested a lot of time and money, through training and education, in becoming experts in their own right and buying expensive equipment; investing in drones is another heavily regulated industry most are reluctant to invest in due to the poor return of investment it can bring. After all, aerial imagery should only make up a small percentage of an overall film or video but can have a dramatic enhanced cinematic impact.

This is where Skyfast Media can help.

Compass video had been tasked to update Visit Somerset's website headers with up-to-date video to help promote Somerset and all it's locations and attractions.

They contacted me to support them during a 2 day sprint around Somerset and all it's great locations. Keith, director and cameraman, would film all the ground footage and I would film all the aerial footage.

Keith sent me a list of all the locations with suggested times for each location and required shots to be captured (pans, look downs, reveal shots etc) with required camera settings.

I spent a day going through the flight planning for all the locations, one being Bath, and went back with recommendations for times and safe flights for each location. For example, Bath was planned to be visited late afternoon; however, this would've been too hazardous (not unachievable but risk mitigation increases costs) so I recommended visiting Bath first thing in the morning at first light (gets a good golden hour shot too).

All flights have to be planned and risk assessed; something to consider before you hire a drone operator as you can be equally culpable, as the hirer, if something goes wrong (avoid amateurs with inferior drones).

The 2 days were very long days; however, it was brilliant getting out to new locations and getting great footage which Keith was happy with (see his review below).

With the permissions we had in place, some of the shots were a one time shot only which made it more imperative to get the planning in place and get the task and shots done right first time.

With the raw footage, Keith did a great job editing and integrating my aerial shots into the header videos where some can be seen at the links below:

Do you need your website and/or social media content updating?

Are you a media/film/video company that needs aerial imagery for your next project (photos, videos or 360 interactive photography)?

Are you a website company that needs a complete media package (ground level photography, video, virtual tours as well as aerial imagery)?

If so, contact me via the form below to discuss how Skyfast Media can help.

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